Your new puppy

                              Your new puppy:  Five things you need to know.


New puppies are amazing!  They're cute and cuddly, overly excited at the idea of you and ever-greatful for your love and attention.  The commitment you've made to care for them doesn't go unnoticed (we promise!)

Getting to know your pup takes time, patience and understanding.  Here's five things you need to know and tips for bonding with the newest member of your family!

#1. Your puppy relies solely on you to keep them healthy.  Be sure that your new pup stays up-to-date on immunizations, eats a well-balanced diet, gets the right amount of exercise and has a warm place to sleep at night.  Keep regular health check-ups with their veterinarian and if they become sick at any point, don't assume they'll get better on their own-take them to their veterinarian and get the right medications to ensure an easy recovery.

#2. It's ok if your puppy is timid or runs away when you try to show affection. 
Puppies are children and they may be shy in their new home.  Don't force your puppy to interact with you or other family members.  They'll come to you when they feel comfortable. Instead, provide them with playful toys, adequate food and water in a corner away from the main living areas and their own bed for resting.  

#3.  If possible, microchip your puppy.  At the very least, be sure they have a sturdy collar and identification with all your information.  Your new puppy doesn't know their way back home and may become frightened if they get lost,  If your new pup loses their way, locate them as quickly as possible through their microchip.  Call your local law enforcement and give them a description of your pup and request that they keep an eye out.  Officers on duty will be happy  to keep an eye out and pick your pup up for a safe return!

#4.  Don't confuse the excitement your puppy shows as defiance.  If your new puppy adores their new home, they might run around, disobey orders or bark loudly for the first few days. Addressing the issue is a good idea during training, but don't confuse their excitement for disobediennce if they don't respond appropriately.  They're super excited and that's a good thing!

#5.  If possible, train your new pup early and encourage socialization with other       members and pets.  (Remember, if their timid at first, don't force them to interact.) Training your new puppy may take a few weeks and will require patience from you.  
Puppies are rambunctious, loud and wiggly.  Don't expect them to stay still for long periods of time and DO reward them each time they obey a comnand.  Be sure to start off with the simplest of commands and allow them to learn at a slow but steady pace.  Don't worry you'll get there!

Tips for bonding with your puppy:

- Spend alone time with your puppy every day!  Be reassuring and keep your puppy               close.  Groom your puppy, play games or head outdoors for a stroll together.                         Regardless of what you do or where you go, your puppy is thrilled to be with you.  

- If your training your new pup, don't skip a day!  Your puppy looks to you for guidance           and believe it or not, dogs want to be on their best behavior for you!  Also this counts as         bonding.    

- Take note of your puppies body language.  If their tired, show them that you                       understand and encourage them to cuddle in bed.  If they are happy and hyper, take             them outdoors and allow them to run it out.  If they're chewing, let them know that
you see their interest in new things and offer them a toy instead.

- Stay calm.  Puppies are hard work but thr arn't intentionally driving you insane.  They           are learning about their world around them but the need your help navigating it.  Don't lose your cool and always reward good behavior.  They'll soon learn your desire for good and obedience and behave accordingly.  

- Always show your puppy affection.  Invite them to curl up on the couch with you and           greet them when you come in the door (puppy cuddles!)  Showing your puppy how                 much they mean to you will strengthen your bond and lead to an everlasting                         friendship-and thats what having a new puppy is all about!  


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