Picking the Perfect Name for your Pup

Searching for Dog Names? Pick the Perfect Tag for Your Pooch!



Congratulations! You’ve decided on a breed and a gender for your new best friend, and maybe you’ve even brought your new dog back to his or her new forever home. Now for the hardest part: naming your new pet. You want the best dog name, but it’s harder than just choosing one from a list. You need to find a fantastic name that describes your pup’s personality and appearance. Need some inspiration? Check out these tips for dog name ideas!

Pop Culture Pups

Some of the best dog names are those taken from books, movies, TV shows, or even names of celebrities. If your dog was a character from pop culture, who would he or she be? I’ve seen several dogs with pop culture namesakes, from Dumbledore and Sirius Black to Chewbacca and Ewok to Khaleesi or Princess Kate! You can also go the funny route by choosing a namesake that doesn’t describe your pet in the least. For example, a small kitten is the title character in the movie Keanu, while the little chihuahua from Legally Blonde had “Bruiser” inscribed on his custom dog collar.

Puppy Is the New Baby

Sometimes new owners know that they’ll love their new pets as much as any parent would love a child. So why not explore trendy baby names? 2016 has seen such boy dog names as Mason, Liam, and Noah and girl dog names as Charlotte, Sophia, and Emma. Giving real life names to dogs sometimes helps them develop stronger relationships with their owners.

Descriptive Dog Names

Looking for a way to highlight your pup’s unique qualities? Choose a dog name that describes their features! The top dog names for a dachshund might be given the name Oscar (after Oscar Mayer weiners) or Chili (after a chili dog), while a poodle could be named Juliette or Francois in a shout-out to her French heritage.

Once you’ve settled on the name, it’s time to make it official!  Don’t forget to get personalized dog collars and leashes with your dog’s name, and your phone number. It’s always a safe bet to make sure that you can be contacted in case your new besty gets lost.

What creative dog names have you heard recently?    


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