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Customer Gallery and Testimonials for Custom, Embroidered and Personalized Dog Collars.

Get the scoop before you buy!  Our customer Gallery and testimonials for Custom, Embroidered, and Personalized Dog Collars gives you an inside look into what we can do and how much our customers love it!

If you have purchased one of our fabulous dog collars and want to rave about it, contact us with your comments and photo, if desired.  If at any time you wish to have your testimonial modified or removed, we will certainly accommodate your request.  

Worth Every Dollar

 "...I have many collars but your is my FAV!!!!  It fits so nice and the buckle you use is strong!  Not many collars have cool buckles like you use!  So many collars have those plastic snap buckles and break.  But not yours!  Thanks a million bones for doing an awesome job on my collar.  Mom has a new camera now so I can get new pics of my collar. Happy New year!...Oh yeah...your collar is worth every dollar too!  Love it!"

Muncie, Indiana

Fits his personality Perfectly

"After our terrific experience with Pixie's collar, we ordered one for our other dog, Custard.  With Kathy's magic touch to our description of what we wanted, our big yellow Golden's collar looks fantastic!  It turned out better than we expected.  Even the font fits his personality perfectly!"

Jennifer and Custard
Estancia, New Mexico

One of a kind
"When I decided I wanted to buy a custom collar for Taco, I didn't have a clue on where to start.  Besty gave me excellent ideas and put them together to make an awesome collar for my little growing Chihuahua.  Everyone loves it, and I couldn't have gotten another one like it anywhere!  I looked for days and hours for a collar with tacos on it and came up empty handed, Besty Dog Collars made exactly what I wanted!!!The collar is well-made, and will last for years to come.  Thanks a lot, Besty!!!  I'll be ordering another one very soon for Marley!!!

June and Taco Diego
Detroit, Michigan

"We received Pixie's collar the other day and were astounded at the incredible workmanship of this adorable collar!  It is even cuter than we imagined it and just as durable as advertised!  We'll be ordering another for our older dog and telling everyone with dogs how fantastic these collars are!"

Jennifer & Pixie
Estancia, New Mexico

A Wonderful surprise 

 "I got back from San Diego last night and was welcomed by a wonderful surprise ...the collar!  WE LOVE IT!  It is much better than I expected!"

Rosemary & Kilroy
Chicago, Illinois

As if you knew her

    "I can't tell you how much this means to me Ypu are treating me and my dog as if you know her and know how special she is.  Thank you so much.  I think it's perfect.  It's rare to come across someone as nice as you, and I'm glad I did."

Gastonia, NC

I had to order another one

"When I saw how awesome Taco's collar was I had to order another one for my best Friend Marley.  His collar was as cute as Taco's, and I love that Besty let me choose and design it myself!  Marley's collar is awesome!!  Besty really goes out of her way  to make sure you like what your getting.  I will buy again from Besty and will tell everyone I know!  Thank you again Besty!"

June & Mr. Marley
Detroit, Michigan

I'd love a set for each day of the week
Dearest Kathy,
Thank you for our most darling leashes and collars.  We (Polli and I) absolutly love your work.  I's love a set for eacj day of the week. Even my disinterested husband loves your leashes and collars.  I've attempted to take a few photos, but none have been worthwhile.  I will get you some shots.  I need to make certain that the shots do well to capture the collars.


I wanted something unique and stylish

As an avid middle of the night shopper, I was spending hours looking for just the right collar for my Weimaraner Gianni, CH Silverado Gianni Versace.  I wanted something unique and stylish.  The search ended when I found your site!
I was already in love with several of the boy collars and decided on the "Flying heart".  I was so excited to find that I could customize Gianni's collar, making it even more unique!  I chose blue camouflage fabric, with wings in Golden Yellow, & Meridian Blue & Aquamarine rhinestones.  It is perfect!  Thank you so much!!!

Shiff and the Posse

He loves it!

"I received Murphy's collar a couple of days ago, and he loves it as do I.  You did a great job!Thanks again so much.  Murphy is a happy customer.  I've attached a picture of him lounging with his new collar on.  Keep up the great work!"

Timothy E. Butterbaugh

Elvis has entered the building!

Keyna loves her collar!  She knows shes a diva.  Her daddy keeps calling her Elvis but she doesn't care.  She wears it with pride.  And for a dog who isn't easy on collars this one is still perfect after a month of use!"

Michelle Gardner

Happy Foxy!

"Hi Kathy!  Me and Foxy would like to thank you for his collar.  He loves it.  Thank you sooooo much.  Sorry I didn't getback to you sooner, the warmer days are busier days for me.  Thanks again we get compliments on it all the time.  I sent a couple of pictures for you to see how happy Foxy was to get it.  Thanks again!


Hip hip hooray

Hip hip horray for for Besty Dog Collars!!! Kathy I love these collars!!!! They both suit each dog perfectly!  Your care, concern, time and obsessive determination to make them perfect was what made these collars so special.  It was if you were making them for your own dogs!  Noah's collar is so flattering and we love his leash!  And Freckles, ahh he is now our little rocker and walks with a new tough man walk!  Both "blinged out" collars are eye catchers and everyone here loves them!  Thank you so much Kathy!  Can't wait to make up ones for the holidays.  Now and forever a Besty lover.

Hillary Dauman

I love it!!!

I received my collar today and I LOVE it!!!!Thank you so much.  I have attached a couple of pictures of my Zorro showing it off.  


Ali the Boxer

Ali looking smashing in his new collar!

Coolest dogs on the block!!

Kathy,  Thanks for making us the coolest dogs on the block!!

Bentley & Bridget

Love the collar!!!

Kathy, Thought you might like some photos of my girl sporting her new collar!  Olive has a new attitude that she knows she looks good in her one of a kind collar!!  Thanks so much for working with me to get the look I was going for.  Collar and leash are great!  You don't miss a detail-right down to your great packaging.



Hi Kathy,  Just wanted to thank you for getting the collar I ordered to me in time for Thanksgiving.  My dog was a big hit with the family.  I've attached a few photos of him modeling the collar.  Once again thanks for your hard work!


Love the new collar!

  Thank you so much for the new collar.  We love it!!



Hi Kathy,  The collar just arrived!!!  What a wonderful Christmas presant for Mia!!  It fits perfectly and it's just what she wanted :).  The fun of doing this was all because of you.  Thanks so much again!!!  

Happy, Merry

The kids are so proud of their new gift from Santa


The Glow in the dark thread was a really cool touch.

I love the collar that was designed for my little Obi.  It has beautiful stitching and the glow in the dark thread is a really cool touch.  I wanted something to go with his name and didn't think it would be possible to get the light sabers.  Kathy took the time to design a unique collar for our little furbaby.  My husband seemed indifferent to the process at first but he shows off the collar and talks it up and the website to all his friends. We are so happy with the collar we are going to order a matching leash.

  Thank you for the fabulous collar for our rescue dog Roxy!  She is a star with it on.  Kathy followed my instructions for our self-designed collar exactly!  When I brought Roxy to work a co-worker liked Roxy's collar so much she ordered three collars for her dogs.  Kathy does not forget about her cliants after she is done with the collar, she provides excellent customer service anytime.  Thanks again and I plan to order again in the future!

Leesburg, VA

Helloooo Kathy,

Aila and I were so excited to open the package yesterday when it came.....  I kid you not I put your beautiful art work around her neck and she walked over to my body mirror and checked it out for herself - I KID YOU NOT!!!

My mother is definetly interested in getting her dog Ozzy a collar made after I raved about how happy I was with the entire purchasing process with you.  I will make sure to give her your business card tomorrow when I see her.  Aila also thinks she needs a leash to match her new collar so I would love to get a design going on for her.

I also have to compliment on your packaging, the box that the collar came in is absolutly adorable.  I just love the theme of your whole business; your website, business cards, overall product, etc.  I haven't had such a great customer service experiance in a long time so thank you very much for assuring me that excellent service does exist.  You did a great job communicating with me and my preferences and I just wanted to emphasize how much I truly appreciate it.  Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to hear from you soon.  Take care, Kathy!

Alicia M. Flick


Incredible!!!  My daughters dog Shana, loves her personalized collar!  Her veterinarian wanted the website so she can get one too!!  Next will be my golden.  Too swesome...


Besty Dog Collars is the best!  Thank you for the beautiful collar.  The detailed instructions for my custom collar were followed exactly.  Customer service is excellent!  Thanks again.

West Vancouver, Canada

I love your website - it's awesome and Wonder Dog Tiquana looks fabulous in his gorgeous angel wings collar!  We are eagerly anticipating his new custom snowflake one!!  Thank you, Thank you!

Ashlee Marie

My dog is now a FASHIONISTA thanks to Besty dog collars!  She is "Sasha" fierce!!  Thanks Kathy for all your hard work, and working with me to find the perfect fit for her personality.