Get Your Money’s worth: Dog Accessories You’re Better off Ignoring

Having a pet is a big responsibility. What a lot of people tend to not realize is that it can be a rather costly endeavor to get into—especially when you don’t know what sort of accessories are truly necessary for your dog.

This is a big hassle that take a lot of dog owners by surprise especially when you tally all of the accrued cost over the years. So what’s a dog owner supposed to do?

The answer is pretty simply actually. As a pet owner you should:

  • Ask around
  • Get useful recommendations
  • Read up

Today, we wanted to point out some of the dog accessories that have been going around in the last decade or so and tout themselves as “completely necessary”. We’re here to debunk that and list down a few dog accessories you’re better off ignoring as a whole. *Note: one thing you don’t want to ignore though, are dog treats. Make sure those are as high quality as possible like natural bully sticks for dogs.


Let’s get started:

dogbed - Get Your Money’s worth: Dog Accessories You’re Better off Ignoring

Elaborate Dog Beds

You wouldn’t be the first dog owner to want something lavish or extremely comfortable for your pet. However, not only would that undertaking be costly, it would also be quite unnecessary. Dogs don’t particularly care about where they lie—all they need is that all their other needs are met quite well.

Even if you do want to get a dog bed for your fur friend, it is advisable to keep it simple. Elaborate dog beds tend to get all chewed up at the end of the day. So if you’re comfortable with the idea of something that you paid excessively for getting all nibbled up, that’s really your call.

dogtoys - Get Your Money’s worth: Dog Accessories You’re Better off Ignoring

Branded Dog Toys

As it is when there are things that are sold and bought, there will invariably be luxury brands that will want to cash in on it. Big brands which you can find in high-end establishments will all try to sell you branded doggie dishes or even branded chew toys. Studies have shown that most of these aren’t any different from the generic accessories that you can buy or make yourself.

Of course, it is entirely up to you to determine whether something is necessary or not. We merely hope that today’s discussion grants you a clearer idea of what is to be considered necessary and what is merely superfluous. What are you thoughts about the luxury dog accessories? What sort of pet accessory regrets have you come to have? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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