Being the Best Dog Parent: Why You Should Be Picky About Bully Sticks and Collars

When you bring home a pet—especially a most beloved puppy or dog—it can be quite easy to forget all the other things that may not seem all that important. Let us be the first ones to tell you that, as a pet owner, you must always consider the bigger picture.

Beyond the food they eat or the schedules of their vaccinations, you should also consider the bully sticks and collar that you choose and other forms of pet accessories that you obtain for your pet. An astounding amount of owners tend to not really give much thought until the actual purchase of it.

Bully Sticks for Dogs

We all know the benefits of bully sticks and how they are great for your canine pal. We’re here to help you find the very best bully sticks online. First, make sure they are 100% natural. Next make sure they are sourced from a trustworthy place like South America and not China. Made in USA bully sticks are even better! Lastly, make sure they are low or no odor. You don’t want them to stink up your house!

Let’s Talk Collars

We firmly believe that dog owners need to be picky about the collars that they buy for their pets. You should be picky because of several things:

dog1 - Being the Best Dog Parent: Why You Should Be Picky About Bully Sticks and Collars

Collars Determine Comfort

The sort of collar that you buy for your pet will determine how comfortable they will be doing certain tasks. As collars don’t particularly come off even when bathing, it is important that they be the type that do not get in the way or constrict the fur at all. If the collar is an ill match, it can even lead into injuries for your pet.

The collar is something that will be with your pet for a long time—especially if you get one that is durable—so it would be logical to get something that would be comfortable for them to keep around their neck, right?

dog2 - Being the Best Dog Parent: Why You Should Be Picky About Bully Sticks and Collars

Collars Can Be Expensive

Depending on the type or style of collar that you choose, it can be quite expensive over time. If you pick one that’s flimsy, you’ll have to keep buying one. If you choose one that ends up hurting your pet, you’ll have to pay for their vet bills. All in all, cost is something that should be considered at all times. You may think you’re saving a buck now but the payment may come back later to bite you.

So all in all, being picky with the sort of collar that you get is a definite must. What were your thoughts when you were choosing your pet’s collar? Were you picky about the whole thing as well? We would love to hear you sound off in the comments below!

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