Choosing the Best Dog Food

Something to Chew On: Choosing the Best Dog Food


For many of us, dogs are our best friends. We spoil them to death with treats, personalized dog collars, embroidered dog leashes, toys of every shape and size, and beds softer than our own (if not a place on our own)! With all the love we give our pets, shouldn’t we be feeding them the very best too?

There are a lot of choices to be made when it comes to picking the best dog food for your BFF. Here are a few to consider:

Wet vs. Dry

The first major category to determine is whether your dog needs wet or dry food. Dry food is less expensive and more portable, and it helps to clean your dog’s teeth and satisfy their chewing instincts. But sometimes the formulations of dry dog food are problematic; they contain more preservatives and often more carbohydrates, which are not part of a dog’s natural diet. If you go with a dry dog food, just pay attention to its ingredients and nutrient content.

Wet food, on the other hand, is usually canned fresh and contains less preservatives. It’s more smelly and messy than dry, but it’s a great alternative to kibble for dogs that have tooth or digestive problems. Some also say that it’s closer to the food’s natural state, which makes it a better health alternative.

Nutrient Content

Just as there are differing approaches to what makes a healthy human diet, the jury is out among veterinarians and other experts as to what exactly a dog food should contain. Some are advocating for a grain-free diet that more closely mimics what dogs eat in the wild. Others have opinions about protein content: most dog food is high in protein, but some lower-protein options have entered the market for dogs with kidney problems.

Finally, weight maintenance and low-fat foods are used often, but those are also controversial as they reduce protein to reduce fat and calories, and then replace them with carbohydrates (which might not be healthy).

If you’re interested in researching the best dog food for your dog, be sure to ask your vet. There are hundreds of brands and formulations on the market, but only someone who knows your dog can recommend the best course of action. In any event, it’s worth some thought to make sure your dog is happy inside and out.

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