More than Style: Three Benefits of Personalizing Dog Collars

Since collars were invented for dogs and whatnot, pet owner, pet breeders, and even those that practice pet healthcare have always been in a massive debate over personalizing dog collars. This may seem quite silly and that would be true—if it didn’t always either divide people better those for and those against it.

There are those that believe that the makers of collars take careful pains to make them plain and therefore the pet owners must respect the original design. There are also those that believe that they have complete and total rights to do whatever with the collars of their pets as they do, in fact, own those creatures in their entirety.

Whichever the case, we at Besty Dog Collars do believe that there is a certain charm to personalized dog collars. In fact, there are some pretty solid benefits to personalizing dog collars!


If you’re not all that sold on the idea, let us elaborate on it a bit more for you. There are a lot of different benefits that you and your dog can gain if you personalize or customize their collars. Here are a few particular benefits to personalizing your dog’s collar:

dogcollarsid - More than Style: Three Benefits of Personalizing Dog Collars

Enhanced Security

For those that aren’t entirely sold on the idea of ID tags with the owner’s information on the collar itself—whether it’s because of being worried about it snagging or you’re worried about the information that can be grabbed by just anyone—you can always choose to go through a different route.

You can customize the accessory itself. It is infinitely easier to grab a dog tag than it is to grab the whole collar. A dog can be surprised and may not react as well when someone grabs their tag but you can be darned sure that they’ll be quite cross when someone they don’t know tries to grab their collars. That way, you can better amp up the security of your information and your own pet.

Fits Your Dog’s Lifestyle Better

Personalizing the collar can really help you service your animal well. Let’s say your pet likes to swim, having a personalized or customized collar can help them better enjoy that. Personalized collars can be made to be waterproof and resistant to smell. This can help you so that your dog doesn’t have that foul stench it gets whenever they get wet and don’t get dried properly.

If you’ve got a dog that’s fairly active and likes to play in the dirt, you can choose to pair them with a collar which is highly dust resistant so you don’t have a dog at risk for infections.

Better Comfort

Mass produced collars tend to just come in default sizes and materials. If you really want to have something that is tailored toward the comfort of your pet, personalizing the collar would be best. You can have their neck measured and even choose the materials or the fabrics that you choose to make it from.

The best sorts of collars are the ones that are made with all the care and attention of the pet owner.

So there you have it! What are your thoughts about the benefits of personalized or custom dog collars? Do you think they’re a bother or there is some merit to having them personalized? We would love to hear your ideas about them!

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