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Hello and welcome to Besty Dog Collars! We are a Massachusetts based online publication which specializes in the research and discussion of dog collars and other accessories. It is our greatest hope that more and more pet owners are given better understanding of their options regarding the kind of collars they can get for their pets.

It also follows that we also hope that we wish for more discussion is brought toward exploring other dog accessories which are developed and released to the market at an almost daily rate. To put it simply, we want our readers to have more options. So we’re putting this call up for anyone or any entity that has an offer that can help our readers.

Besty Dog Collars Offers Ad Space!

You’ve read that correctly! We are opening up our ad space to any persons, corporations, events, and other such entities that may offer a product or a service that our readers may be able to benefit from. If you’re not quite certain what sort of ad space you’d like, here are a few of our options:

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Would you like one of our talented writers to share more information about you and your service? If so, we offer this ad options.

Banners and Posters

Our web development team is well equipped to building proper banners or posters that suit your needs. If you’ve got your own pre-made banners, our team is able to showcase it to your specifications.

We have other options available, of course. For interested parties and individuals, you may reach us through 508 326 5639.