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Dog owners and their beloved pets often have a lot to contend with. The commercial market makes it a point that they are often bogged down with choices with regard to pet care and pet accessories. Don’t you just wish that there was a place where factual and only critical information about dog collars and accessories existed?

We wished for that, too. In fact, we wished for it so much it just occurred to us that we needed to fulfill that need ourselves. That being said, we would love to welcome you to Besty Dog Collars!

Besty Dog Collars is a publication which focuses and specializes on the discourse about—you guessed it—dog collars! We believe that our beloved pooches need to have owners that are well-informed about the choices that they make regarding collars and other such pet-related accessories. It is our goal to share awareness regarding the pros and cons of different collars and to truly dissect the how necessary some touted “must have” accessories are for the welfare of pets and pet owners.

We hope that you’ll continue to join us as we explore the field of dog collars! We would love to hear your thoughts, too. So if you would like to reach us, you may do so by placing a call at 508 326 5639.