About Us

Hi and welcome to Bestie Dog Collars.

My name is Kathy, and I'm the proud proprietress of this puppy palace.
Starting this little business was very natural for me.  I'm a HUGE dog lover - and I also love looking at fabrics, different color threads, embellishments and all things a bit different..  
it was a perfect fit!

At Bestie Dog Collars, you'll find something for each and every personality.

Tough guy? We got it.
Princess? Absolutely.
Fancy? No problem!
Festive? But, of course!
Eco-Friendly? Got that, too. And lots more!

If you can't FIND it, then you can CREATE it with our customizable options.

~Whatever the personality, whatever the size ~
there's a collar for that.~

Mix and match.  Customize and personalize.  The final product can be worn proudly by your own Bestie.  We also offer cordinating leashes, couplers, bags and more.  We always offer FREE gift wrapping, too.

I love what I do and have felt so blessed to have been able to meet so many wonderful people who share the same love for their pets as I do.  There's just something so special about the bond between a pet and their owner.  I understand that, first hand, and that's why each and every dog collar I make is such a personal thing. This is not a job for me, but a privilage as you have trusted me to make a special dog collar for your beloved pets.  I thank you so much for sharing your stories and pets with me.

Here are my four Besties:

Grandpa Regis 15 years old.
Top dog we all know it!

Panda (The Bear)
Our goofy little girl.

Very much a "Bestie" I can't walk into another room without this guy by my side.

We have not had her for her whole life, but she lets us know every minute of every day that she is happy to be part of our family.  (It's so mutual little girl) 

I hope you have fun playing around in here.  If you need any assistance in deciding on that 'just right' finishing touch, please feel free to contact me for help anytime.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back soon!