Dog Accessories: When Does Fabric Play a Part Into It?

When you have a dog, there are always a myriad of questions that parade themselves through your mind on a fairly regular basis. We’re willing to bet that one of those things would be about fabrics. The discussion of fabrics actually plays a rather large part when it comes to the life of your pet dog.

Let us explain.

Fabrics regularly come into contact with your pet. After all, some of the necessary dog accessories are made from fabric. If you don’t quite believe us, let us list down the specific areas when fabric plays a part of your dog’s accessories:

bed dog - Dog Accessories: When Does Fabric Play a Part Into It?

Dog Beds

When you have a doggie bed for your four legged family member, you are actually introducing fabrics to them. They get to experience the texture and the feel of it. They get to determine softness and hardness. The temperature is also affected.

Fabric beds are generally cooler than the likes of leather. If the fabric happens to be made of something synthetic, like Nylon, not only do you—as the pet owner—get the benefit of giving your pet a comfy place to lay down but you also make it a lot easier for you to clean the thing. When you are a pet owner that doesn’t have a lot of free time, the speed in which you can clear your dog’s bed is an outright blessing.


Bath time is always a big part of being a dog owner. A lot of the time, the bathing sessions can either be one of the most trying or the most enjoyable parts of being a dog owner. The sort of towels that you choose to expose your pet to involves fabric.

dogtowel - Dog Accessories: When Does Fabric Play a Part Into It?

Depending on the type of dog that you have, the type of fabric plays a really big role in things. If you have a rather hairy dog, a thick cotton towel or one which is made from highly absorbent fabric is important. If you have a dog that doesn’t have much fur but has delicate skin, like a Shar-Pei, you will want fabric that is soft and will not damage the skin when used to dry them off.

Chew Toys

Now we come to the discussion that involves teeth. Dog owners should know how important it is for dogs to have a chew toy to sort out their excess energies and to help strengthen their teeth. A lot of the time there has been a lot of disturbing reports about certain chew toys doing more harm than good.

So a discerning pet owner will try to ensure that their dogs are given safe chew toys. This is where fabric comes in once again. There are chew toys that made primarily of woven fabric or spare fabric. They are braided with big knots in the end and can be used as a tug toy or a chew toy for young and older dogs.

So there you have it! We hope that today’s discussion with Besty Dog Collars helps to grow your understanding of how fabric comes into play when it comes to dog accessories! What are your thoughts about it? What experiences have you had with fabric when it came down to it? We would love to hear your ideas about it.

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