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Hello and welcome to Besty Dog Collars! We are a Massachusetts based online publication which specializes in the research and discussion of dog collars and other accessories. As you may well be aware, there are a lot of dog owners all over the globe—us included.

All we want is to provide the best sort of care and the best sort of life for our loyal buddies, right? This is why it is so important to share information which pertains to the information that would best benefit dogs as a whole. While there has been much discussion regarding pet health and nutrition, there hasn’t been many regarding dog collars and accessories.

This is something that we hope to correct and we need your help to do it!

Besty Dog Collars is Looking for Contributors!

You’ve read that right! We are looking for article contributors who are willing to share their knowledge and wisdom regarding dog collars and other such pet accessories. We take careful pains to make sure that the information is accurate and informative and we would highly appreciate individuals who would be able to provide articles to that effect.

We need articles that are 100% unique and are free from any grammatical or contextual errors. We would be glad to help you build your articles and can even send in an application to be a full-time writer for us. For any interested parties, please let us know of your intentions at your earliest convenience.

You may reach us through our number at 508 326 5639. We hope to hear from you soon!